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 Honors and Awards


President, Mock Trial Club

Competitive debate against the smartest high schoolers in the country. Responsibilities as President include leading all club activities, school-wide events, training new members, and communicating with school administration and faculty sponsors. This year, for the first time, we will be participating in the Fairfax County Model Judiciary Program.

Treasurer, Future Business Leaders of America

Club brings like-minded, business-oriented, individuals to cooperate and provide insights on how to strive for success as a future leader. Responsibilities as Treasurer include managing funds, organizing school-wide events, presenting to Academic Boosters to receive funding, and coordinating with Finance Office and school administration.

Model United Nations

Consistently win awards at international conferences, including ILMUNC (Ivy League: UPenn), WAMUNC (George Washington), and WMHSMUN (William & Mary). Best Delegate (Gavel) three times in the past two years.

Won the Judge’s Choice Award for innovative design and use of sensors. Built two autonomous robots that performed tasks to earn points on the competition board.


President, India International School

Coordinated with Indian Embassy to organize cultural events, inviting Ambassador as keynote speaker, and fundraised for under-privileged youth. Created a community of young Indian-Americans, like myself, who care about giving back to the community and supporting our families and heritage in India.