Ushering in the new era with business and technology

As a first-year undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, I’ve taken the most intense curriculum available to me. Through classes and internships, I have developed varied technical skills that help me solve different types of problems.

Relevant Coursework:

Artificial Intelligence

Automation and Robotics

Web Development

Mobile App Development

AP Computer Science

AP BC Calculus

AP Microeconomics

AP Macroeconomics

AP Physics C

AP Chemistry

Research Statistics

Accelerated Computer Science Foundations

Design & Technology


Technology Skills:

  • Proficient with all Microsoft Office programs (such as SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)

  • Program fluently in Java, JavaScript, Python, and HTML/CSS

  • Working knowledge of AngularJS, R, Swift, and SQL

  • App development through Android App Maker and Xcode

  • Chatbot design for Facebook Messenger and other social media platforms

  • Computer-Aided Design and 3-D printing with popular softwares and printers

  • Automation and robot programming through NXT and Arduino

Statistical analysis Skills:

  • Knowledge of Excel, MATLAB, and R

  • Analysis of data with: ANOVA, T-test, Regressions, Trend Analysis

Communication Skills:

  • Exceptional oral and written communication, presentation and public speaking skills

  • Language Proficiency: fluent in English, Hindi, and French