My Work Experience

During my time in school, I’ve tried to apply the knowledge gained through my coursework to real-life situations. Starting my own company and interning over the summer has helped me grow my personal and technical skills greatly.

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BUsiness analyst/ data analyst intern

Nine-week internship working on the Enterprise Survey team in the People Analytics department. Developed a machine learning based predictive model to identify high attrition risk associates.

Founder and ceo

Established the company with the goal of helping small businesses share in the benefits of chatbot technology. Our company designs/develops advanced chatbot technology using a honed combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to meet client needs.

software engineer intern

Nine-week engagement working on the NASA Small Business Innovation Research contract. Redesigned parts of grants management system to utilize Elasticsearch to speed up systems.

business technology intern

Six-week engagement automating business processes to improve the company’s ability to respond to the government’s request for proposals.